Full Council

A meeting of the Full Council on Wednesday 5th October at 7pm.

Workington Town Community Centre, Princess Street, Workington, CA14 2QG



Mayor’s Chaplain

Please remain standing while the Mayor’s Chaplain says a prayer and observe a minutes silence for Her Late Majesty The Queen.


Public Participation

To discuss any items of interest to the council brought forward by members of the public. This session will last no longer than 20 minutes. The council cannot take any decisions in this session, except to bring items to a future meeting. The public are not permitted to speak in other parts of the meeting unless allowed to do so by the chairman.


1.         Apologies

To receive and note any apologies.


2.         Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of interest relating to matters which appear on this agenda, but which have not been previously declared on members’ declarations of pecuniary interest and other interests.


3.         Exclusion of Press and Public (Public Bodies Admission to Meetings Act 1960)

To consider whether there are any agenda items during consideration of which the press and public should be excluded.


4.         Minutes of the previous meeting

To receive the minutes from the meeting on 23rd March 2022, 11th May 2022, 23rd May 2022, 15th June 2022 and 3rd August 2022 and affirm them as a true record.


5.         Mayoral Announcements

To receive a report from the Mayor on her civic activities.



6.         Workington Nature Partnership

To note the report from Workington Nature Partnership


7.         Budget revision

Council to accept the revised budget


8.         Community Development, Heritage and Sport Grant

Council to note that following the meeting of the F & GP committee on 23rd August, the Community Development, Heritage and Sport Grant which offered grants of up to £7,500 over a period of 3 years has been removed from the website.


9.         Parks and Play Area Development budget line

a. Council to note that following the meeting of the Environment committee on 1st Sept 2022, the committee resolved to request the income of £8,462.63 from United Utilities for the Cumbria Woodlands funded projects at Annie Pit and Northside be added to the Parks and Play Area Development budget line at the next F&GP committee meeting on 1st November.

b. To approve spends of £12,050.07 for the new trim trail in Vulcan Park. This has been funded by Cumbria County Council, with the funds already received into the Parks and Play Area Development from the reserves budget line. Installation is scheduled for Oct 2022.


10.       Election charges

To approve invoices from Allerdale Borough Council for May 2019 elections £14,377.82 and

May 2022 by-elections £3,279.08 and allocate a budget line.


11.       Grant application

Council to consider a grant application from STAR – Salterbeck Tenants and Residents, for £2,365.00 to assist with costs for Project Funday – Friday (application form included with agenda). The item has been deferred from the Culture Committee as there are no funds available in the Community Services Grant budget line. Council to consider funding this from a different budget line.

Council to note that since the application, STAR have been awarded £500 to host a Halloween or Christmas event in the Oval Centre.


12. Subscriptions

Council to consider a renewal cost of £327.60 for the council’s annual subscription to Cumbria Tourism (information included in the agenda).


13.       Planning Committee

To consider the appointment of a councillor onto the planning committee, to fill the current vacancy. 


14.       December Full Council meeting date

To consider changing the date of the 7th December 2022 full council meeting, as it currently clashes with the Allerdale full council meeting.


15.       Warm Workington

To receive a verbal report.


Reports from Committees


16.       Culture Committee

Council to receive the draft minutes of the Culture Committee meeting on 30th August 2022 (to follow).


17.       Environment Committee

Council to receive the draft minutes of the Environment Committee meeting on 1st September 2022.


18.       Finance and General Purposes Committee

Council to receive the draft minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee meetings on 11th August 2022 and 23rd August 2022.


19.       Planning Committee

Council to receive the draft minutes of the Planning Committee meetings on 1st August 2022 and 14th September 2022.


20.       AGAR response

Council to note the response from AGAR and consider actions required. Documents to follow.  


21.       Moss Bay Development

To receive a verbal update.


22.       Motion from Cllr Heaslip

To consider the following motion from Cllr Heaslip.


 "In addition to the application to Public Works Loan Board, Council resolves to make application to the Allerdale GDF Partnership for a grant to purchase the Ranch."