Elections 2019

Notice of Elections

The Borough Council elections team have issued the formal Notice of Elections.

On Thursday 4 April the Statements as to Persons Nominated were published. You can also click on individual wards to see the list of candidates.

Elections will be held on Thursday 2 May, with the results announced on the following day. Councillors take up office on  Monday, 6 May.

Community Governance Review

Following a Community Governance Review in 2018, elections for Workington Town Council will be based on new ward boundaries in May 2019. There will also be fewer councillors on the Town Council, with the numbers reducing from 30 to 25. The review focussed on 'electoral equality', aiming to make a councillor represent a similar number of people, wherever they are in the town. To achieve this, a number of parish wards introduced in 2015 by the Boundary Commission have been abolished, and their residents have been assigned to different wards. You can see more about the review and how the boundaries have changed here.

The candidate lists for the new wards as of 5 April 2019 are set out below. We will publish the results of the 2 May election on this page as soon as we can.

Northside (1 member)

St Michael's (4 members)

St John's (6 members)

Stainburn (2 members)

Moorclose (3 members)

Westfield (3 members)

Salterbeck (3 members)

Harrington (3 members)

Notices of Poll (all wards)