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 Workington Town Council is the grassroots council for the civil parish of Workington.  It is served by 25 councillors drawn from the whole town community.  The Chairman of the Council is The Mayor of Workington.

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Siddick Woodlands

Workington In Bloom is very excited to annouce we have been awarded £3,000 by Wythegill Community Benefit Fund for a project at Siddick Woodlands.

The woodland is approximately 25 – 30 years old and accessed from Shore Side in Siddick. The site was used by the mining industry until its closure and has subsequently become a green space for the village.


The project will involve clearing out rubbish from the site, improving the health of existing trees through arboricultural work, and planting new shrubs and trees. In addition to the works programme, a number of community events will be held in the woodland, including craft activities and storytelling. Volunteers can get involved with activities such as the creation of a ‘bug hotel’ and nest boxes.

Crocus Planting

In 2016, Workington In Bloom worked with Derwent Rotary and Workington Rotary to fund and purchase over 10,000 crocus bulbs to be planted at Mossbay, Hall Park and Vulcan Park.  We helped the clubs plant the corns as well as recruiting additional volunteers from Workington Scouts and Brownies, South Workington Youth Partnership, Workington Nature Partnership and Workington Town Council.

During Spring 2017 the crocuses bloomed across all 3 sites, making all our hard work worthwhile.

Harrington Road

Workington In Bloom is dedicated to making Workington better and not just by maintaning and adding floral displays to the Town, but also by tackling 'grot spots'.


One of these grot spots was identified on Harrington Road, near Dairy Corner.  The site was overgrown with weeds and the bollards were in desperate need of a new coat of paint. Our Estates Team kindly volunteered to take on the site and give it some TLC. 

Headlands Close

Headlands Close is a residential area in the town centre of
Workington. Flats are situated around a small paved courtyard
which is often used by pedestrians as a route to get from one side
of town to the other. It’s a well-used, but unloved, public area and
we were keen to see what we could do to help.

The courtyard had three large empty flowerbeds in the centre. With
funding from Tesco, we purchased three Sorbus Aria trees and
planted them on site. It’s great to see the flowerbeds back in use
and the trees bring some much needed greenery to a very grey
area of the town.