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Labeling products is a important aspect of marketing for a lot of companies. Labels can be used for brand identification, name tags, advertising, warnings, and other types of communications. Knowing the types of labels and manufacturing will make each product to look their best. Check out this website Labels can be applied with various methods. Labels meilleur fabricant d'adhésif have generally constructed from acrylics that are water-based. Some however, can be made with solvent-based adhesives or hot melt adhesives. The most popular adhesive varieties are


This adhesive usually cannot be removed without breaking the material or damaging the surface. Solvents are needed to completely eliminate the label. The strength of adhesion and speed can be varying. For example, full adhesion may be almost instantaneous and the label could be removable for a short time with full adhesion beginning over a period of minutes or hours.


The adhesive on these labels is pretty sturdy and will not fall off under normal conditions. The benefit of this type of adhesion is that the label can be removed relatively easily without tearing the base stock, or leaving adhesive behind on the old surface. The adhesive is usually robust enough to be used over another area.


This adhesion is primarily intended for use on glass book covers as well as book covers. When they are removed, the adhesives labels will not leave any trace. Make sure to note that the adhesion is weak and should only be used in light-duty applications. In general, these labels have no adhesion to objects after you've removed them.

Frost fix or Freezer Frost fix

The adhesion that these labels have enables them to withstand temperatures of up to -40 degrees Celsius and thus are suitable for deep freeze use.

High Tack

A kind of permanent adhesive which has a great initial grab to surfaces. It is typically used at greater coat weights, allowing labels to stick well to rough, difficult or dirty surfaces.

Static Cling

This "process" does not utilize an adhesive. Because it is made of PVC It has an electric charge that allows the adhesion of smooth, flat surfaces such as glass. It tends to be used when easy removal is needed, such as in window advertising such as window decorations, window decor and oil change labels. The choice of adhesive can enhance or decrease the attractiveness and value of your product. Imagine the cost and hassle that you impose to your customers by providing permanent adhesives for labels that needs to be replaced every so often? So, be sure to be aware of this often forgotten-about-issue when you next order labels. Andrew Taylor is the director of GoGo Print - an Australian located supplier of self adhesive labels to companies across Australia and New Zealand. Since he was a manufacturer of bottles, Andrew understands that his customers' main requirement is being competent in finding high-quality labels at a reasonable price as well as speedy delivery.

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