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After Joshua T Osborne mastered understanding the real estate business through digital, he decided to start teaching others with his own course! Contrary to other courses which stop at the SEO conclusion, Josh shows you how to make use of Facebook and Google ads, and even how to engage with your prospective tenants! Aside from some basic introduction videos and the VERY IMPORTANT goal setting module You'll also receive video instruction covering the following subjects:


What a lot of programs fail is in research. Particularly, when it comes to Amazon FBA courses. Everything they teach about research can be made irrelevant and ineffective in a very short amount of time. However, Google doesn't change nearly as often , nor do their strategies for research. But Josh regularly updates his training as needed with everything you need to be aware of. In this module he dives deep into the world of numbers and data to help you understand the ideal way to market like. It's a lot of work and may appear to be tedious However, having a process like this down as a marketer will save you a lot of time later on.

Website Development

These websites aren't hard to construct, and in actual they're quite simple in their design. Odds that you've booked a call for an appointment via one of these sites previously! In this segment of the training in digital marketing, Josh guides you through the steps to create one of these websites from start to finish: - How to build the home page - How do you build the pages for service - Where and how to obtain and put pictures

From the beginning to publishing the website!

On Page SEO

In this module, Josh teaches you everything to ensure that you've completed the pages of your website that are engine compatible. Everything from content, to headers, meta tags, and descriptions. The most important thing to remember is that you want to make sure that when Google crawls the pages...they are seeing what you are wanting to target in the appropriate areas. Josh is in-depth about all these things and much more in this section. Josh doesn't leave anything to speculation!

Off Page SEO

n this module, Josh teaches you everything you need to know about the back end of the digital marketing websites. - He will show you the meaning of a citation and what it means by flow, and it's golden ratio. - He explains what a backlink is and how to distinguish the good from the negative. - The author explains difference between do-follow and no-follow backlinks. - He shows you how to do backlink analysis. - He goes so far as to show you where you can obtain your own backlinks at no cost! The training program covers an essential skill set in depth. Off-page SEO is an area that a lot of people struggle with. But Mr. Osborne lays everything out and doesn't leave anything open to question through his Bad Ass Marketers program.

Google My Business Listing

This part of the training goes over how you can set your GMB up from beginning to the end. You learn how to: - Receive your letter - Photo optimization - Citation strategy - Writing reviews One of the biggest things that potential customers of a service will look at beyond the website, is the GMB. This is for 2 reasons.

First, the GMB's almost always show up in the top the results of a specific service and they get a lot of clicks. But second, and most crucial, are the reviews! A customer wants to make sure that whoever is providing the thing or service they require has been rated highly by other people. We can all agree, a business that has a good reputation is going to be trusted over a company with negative reviews or has no reviews. GMB's with no reviews are known to just be ignored as they don't believe that anyone else has done business with them and they are hesitant that they will be among the very first. This is one of the reasons this particular portion of the course is crucial. In addition when you have ranked your GMB and you've got two real estate pieces in the very first place!

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