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Vulcan Park Maintenance


​In 2019 a tree renovation programme was introduced to ensure the health of the trees is maintained and any decayed trees removed. Replacement trees will be planted in the winter months. This programme is ongoing.


As the Council wishes to reduce the use of herbicides to the minimum whilst still maintaining the shrub borders and flower beds alternative methods of weed suppressant are being used with the use of recycled wood chip on shrub/ rose borders and leaf mould in the future for flower beds. The use of groundcover plants in borders is also going to be looked at.

After our border trial the people of Workington favoured style was a mixed border planting of herbaceous perennials, grasses and shrubs, this will be phased in from the autumn of 2020.

After the success of our wild flora meadow it’s proposed a later flowering meadow be sown in the Spring of 2020 (see events for future updates) near to the Fleet Street entrance.

Other proposed horticultural features to include:

  • Grass labyrinth

  • A memorial walkway of shrubs and herbaceous plants

  • A winter border

If you have any suggestions, please just get in touch using the button at the top of the page, we would love to hear your ideas.

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