WW1 Centenary Bell Ringing

Sunday 11th November at 7.05pm - Battle’s Over - Ringing out for peace
As beacons blaze around the country, bells in 1,000 churches and cathedrals will ring out in celebration of the end of the First World War. Many people in Britain live within hearing distance of church bells, which call congregations to prayer and mark special occasions. But the sound of mighty bells, some of which are hundreds of years old, also provides a stirring soundtrack to historic events.

The ringing of bells to celebrate the end of the Great War is being organised in association with the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, the representative body for groups who ring bells in the English tradition with rope and wheel. 

The stirring sound of church and cathedral bells will provide a fitting conclusion to a day of contemplation, commemoration and, ultimately, celebration as our country and other nations reflect on events a century ago on the battlefields of Europe and at home in our factories and farms.

We are encouraging Churches in Workington to take part in this event.  If you would like to be involved just complete the registration form found at: www.brunopeek.co.uk