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Solway Firth Partnership

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Workington Town Council is delighted to be a corporate member of the Solway Firth Partnership.

Solway Firth Partnership is an independent charity that works to support a vibrant and sustainable local economy while respecting, protecting and celebrating the distinctive character, heritage and natural features of our marine and coastal area.

They do this by working with people on both sides of the Solway Firth and further afield on a wide range of projects. We also contribute to the development of policies for management of the coast and sea; with an aim to engage with as many people as possible to help ensure that local views shape the future of the area.

Their work programme is guided by a Business Plan which sets out the main areas of work for three years. 

The current and previous Business Plans can be downloaded from their website here


SFP is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board is drawn from the membership and includes representatives of member organisations and individuals.

Work is monitored and reviewed quarterly by an Advisory Group which includes all our Corporate member organisations.

Smaller ‘working’ or ‘steering’ groups of partners and funders help to guide individual projects and more specific areas of work.

The area that SFP cover is shown in the map below

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