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The Workington Coat of Arms 

The Workington Coat of Arms is a symbol for the town and its people. It was granted to Workington Borough Council in 1950. The centre has a pattern that looks like the letter ‘W’. The triangles represent coal, the wheatsheaf represents agriculture and the squares represent steel.


The unicorn’s head at the top of the Shield is taken from the Arms of the Curwen family. An anchor has been added to the unicorn’s mouth to symbolise Workington’s maritime links.


The man on the left is Vulcan, the Roman god of metal workers. The woman on the right is Themis, the Greek goddess of civic rule.


The words at the bottom, ‘Levavi Oculos Meos in Montes’, are from the Book of Psalms and mean ‘I lifted my eyes in the hills’. This refers to the town’s position between the fells of the Lake District and the Scottish hills across the Solway Firth.

For the History of Workington please click here.

Workington Town Council

The Town Council was established on 7 April 1982 to succeed the Workington Charter Trustees. They in turn were created on 1 April 1974 to safeguard the Civic insignia of the Borough of Workington, which was abolished by the 1972 Local Government Act.  

The Town Council is compiling a history of the past Mayors of Workington. If you have any recollections, or memorabilia, we would love for you to share them with us.  Just e-mail us at the Town Hall.

Mayors of the Town Council

2022 - Cllr Denise Rollo 

2021 - Cllr Herbert Briggs

2019-2020 Cllr Janet King (term in office was extended by a year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic)

2018    Cllr Barbara Cannon

2017    Cllr Ann Bales

2016    Cllr Joan Wright
2015    Cllr Carole Armstrong
2014    Cllr Mary Bainbridge
2013    Cllr Konrad Hansen
2012    Cllr Andrew Lawson
2011    Cllr Nik Hardy
2011    Cllr Mel Pettit (died in office)
2010    Cllr Margaret Jones
2009    Cllr Bill Reville
2008    Cllr Bill Bacon
2007    Cllr Nik Hardy
2006    Cllr Judith Glynn
2005    Cllr Alan Barry
2004    Cllr Joan McDowell
2003    Cllr Richard Jones
2002    Cllr John Bechelli
2001    Cllr Mel Pettit
2000    Cllr Theresa Fryer
1999    Cllr Joe Robertson
1998    Cllr Margaret Winter
1997    Cllr Barbara Weir
1996    Cllr Roland Postlethwaite
1995    Cllr David Crawford
1994    Cllr Anne Ferguson
1993    Cllr Peter Bales
1992    Cllr Barbara Cannon
1991    Cllr Rita Fulton
1990   Cllr Tony Cunningham
1989    Cllr Charlotte Thompson
1988    Cllr John Timney
1987    Cllr Joan McKeown
1986    Cllr Ian Ferguson
1985    Cllr JMercia Haughan
1984    Cllr Mary Kirkwood
1983    Cllr Joan Minto
1982    Cllr William Whalley

Charter Trustee Mayors

1981    Joan Minto
1980    Spencer Bromley
1979    Alice Findlay
1978    Jack Fryer
1977    Robert Spedding
1976    James Jackson
1975    Ann Carigiet
1974    Peter Bentley

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