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Code of Conduct & Standards

All Workington Town Councillors must abide by the Town Council's Code of Conduct. The current version has been in operation since 7 May 2014. Prior to that, a new version was agreed in 2012 following the changes to the Standards regime introduced by the Localism Act 2011.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct are assessed by the Monitoring Officer at Allerdale Borough Council. The Monitoring Officer is aided by a Standards Committee and an Independent person. It is their statutory duty to oversee the standards regimes of every parish council in the Borough. You can read more about this process, and how to complain about a Town Councillor, on Allerdale Borough Council's website.

When a breach of the Code is alleged, the Monitoring Officer will assess whether an issue can be resolved informally, or will require an investigation followed by consideration by the Standards Committee. You can read about any Workington Town Councillors who have breached the Code of Conduct below.

Allerdale Standards Committee ruling on Cllr S Stoddart February 2014.
Workington Town Council response to ruling on Cllr Stoddart June 2014

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