Allotments in Workington
The Town Council is the Allotments Authority for the civil parish of Workington. In line with the current allotment legislation, the Council has a duty to meet the needs of residents who require allotments for growing vegetables, for their own use, to the best of its ability.

There are currently 14 council-run allotment sites in the town, with a waiting list of potential tenants. The council is in the process of renovating several sites to meet this need.


The council's allotment sites are as follows:

  • Annie Pit

  • Cranbourne Street

  • Feenans (off Snape Road)

  • Mountain View

  • Newlands Lane

  • Park Lane

  • Rose Hill

  • Salterbeck Community Garden

  • Siddick

  • Soapery (to rear of Hall Park View)

  • Stoneleigh (off High Street)

  • Wastwater Avenue Community Garden

  • Wesley Street

If you would like an allotment in Workington, please submit our online form (link above) and we will be in touch as soon as we can.  Please note that our allotments are very popular and it can take approximately 3 years for an allotment to become available. 


If you would like a WORD version of the form, you can download one here and either e-mail it to or post it to: 

Workington Town Council, Town Hall, Oxford Street, Workington, CA14 2RS.


Please note, you must be a resident in the civil parish.

If you would like to submit a form to express an interest in owning an allotment just...

The current status of our sites:


Pending:  Awaiting renovation work by Workington Town Council

Monitoring:  Occupied plots received notice for cultivation

Out of offer: Vacant plot awaiting acceptance

**Please note that plots are not currently being inspected due to COVID-19 and some plot holders are safeguarding at home.  Inspections will recommence at a later date (date to be confirmed).

***Plot viewings have recommenced with social distancing measures in place to meet current government guidelines.

Returning Service Personnel

Returning service personnel get priority treatment for an allotment in Workington.  Eligible servicemen and women will be offered tenancies on the first available plot if they add their names to the town’s waiting list. Service personnel who are already on the waiting list are encouraged to come forward so that they can benefit from this policy. 

If you have left or are leaving the Armed Forces, and want to rent an allotment, contact the Town Clerk for further details.

Livestock and poultry

Our allotment sites are primarily used for growing fruit and vegetables. However, we do allow livestock and poultry on some of the sites. Please see the table below for the full details.

About Workington Town Council

 Workington Town Council is the grassroots council for the civil parish of Workington.  It is served by 25 councillors drawn from the whole town community.  The Chairman of the Council is The Mayor of Workington.

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