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The Mayor of Workington

Workington Town Council elects a chairman every year at its Mayor Making ceremony, which is effectively the annual general meeting of the council. Mayor Making is held in May. The chairman of the Town Council is known as the Mayor of Workington, and they inherit the insignia of the old Municipal Borough of Workington, which was abolished in 1974. They are elected by fellow councillors to serve for one year. As well as chairing the council's meetings, the Mayor has a Civic role as the first citizen of Workington. They represent the town at civic functions and are a focus for the town council's civic role and heritage. The Mayor is accompanied in their year of office by a Mayoress or Consort (depending on whether they are male or female). There is also a Deputy Mayor, who stands in for the Mayor when required. The Deputy Mayor, when acting in the Mayor's role, has all the powers and duties of the Mayor.

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Mayor Cllr Neil Schofield

The current Mayor is Cllr Neil Schofield 2024-2025. The Deputy Mayor is Cllr David Farrar.

The Mayor will be supported in his role by Consort Sam Schofield and Mayoress Kate Schofield.  

Watch a video of a previous Mayor Making ceremony here.  

The Mayor of Workington's Charity Fund (2024-2025)

Encephalitis International team

Guide Dogs

Tourettes Action 

If you would like to make a donation to The Mayor's Charity please contact the office: or call 01900 702986.

Inviting the Mayor

If you would like to invite the Mayor to an event, then please read this advice and send this form / use this link to the Workington Town Council Offices.

Mayor's Charity

Every year the Mayor of Workington nominates a charitable cause. They raise money through mayoral events including the Mayoral Dinner. You can make a donation to the current mayoral cause by contacting the Town Council. 

2023-2024 Cllr Beth Dixon                                Sea Cadets - Workington Branch & The Freedom Project West Cumbria Domestic Violence Support 

2022-2023 Cllr Denise Rollo                             Workington RNLI, West House, Grehound Trust

2021-2022 Cllr Herbert Briggs                          Hospice at Home West Cumbria and Samaritans West Cumbria

2019-20 & 2020-2021 Cllr Janet King               Young Cumbria and Young Carers (part of West Cumbria Carers)

2018-19 Cllr Barbara Cannon                           Hospice at Home West Cumbria
2017-18 Cllr Ann Bales                                     Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Team Isla

2016-17 Cllr Joan Wright                                   Myeloma UK
2015-16 Cllr Carole Armstrong                          The Great North Air Ambulance
2014-15 Cllr Mary Bainbridge                            The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal/Armed Forces Day
2013-14 Cllr Konrad Hansen                              The Stroke Association
2012-13 Cllr Andrew Lawson                             RNLI, 4th Workington Scout Group, Workington Sea Cadets
2011-12 Cllr Mel Pettit/ Cllr Nik Hardy                Great North Air Ambulance. MacMillan Nurses
2010-11 Cllr Margaret Jones                               Age UK, The Minto Centre, Allerdale Basics
2009-10 Cllr Bill Reville                                       Cumbria flood victims
2008-09 Cllr Bill Bacon                                        Hospice at Home, Footsteps, West Cumberland Hospital, Workington Sea Cadets
2007-08 Cllr Nik Hardy                                        Coronary Care Ward, West Cumbria Hospice at Home, West Cumbria Cerebral Palsy

Mayor's Shield for Volunteer of the Year

The Mayor of Workington's Shield was introduced by Cllr Konrad Hansen in his Mayoral year as a tribute to the unpaid hours of service given by the town's many volunteers. The Shield is awarded annually to volunteers for their outstanding contribution to the town and the current Mayor chooses the winner.

2023 Gary Austin

2022 Alan Ball

2021 Dorothy Holliday

2020 Helena Thompson Museum  

2019 Mr. and Mrs Johnston, The Carnegie Theatre and Arts Centre

2018 Mrs Evelyn Adams M.B.E

2017 Ms Margaret McIntyre
2016 Ms Betty Kent
2015 Ms Nerys Brunker, MIND in West Cumbria
2014 Ms Stella Howarth, former chair of Allerdale Disability Association

Mayor's Award for Sports Club of the Year

This is a new award introduced by Cllr Barbara Cannon, during her term as Mayor of Workington (2018-19).  The Sports Award will be presented to a club or individual that has made an outstanding contribution to sports in Workington and the current Mayor chooses the winner.

2023 Cumberland Athletic Club

2022 Workington Zebras Finches

2021 Workington Cricket Club

2020 Together We CIC

2019 Workington Reds Ladies FC

Mayor's Award for Outstanding Contribution

A new award introduced by Cllr Janet King, during her term as Mayor of Workington (2019-2020 & 2020-2021).  The award is presented to individuals or groups who have made an outstanding contribution to the Workington Community.

2023 Robert Daglish

2022 John Walsh

2021 Tribe Cumbria

2020 Angela Good and Stephen Rumney

Mayor's Award for Business Hero of the Year

A new award introduced by Cllr Janet King, during her term as Mayor of Workington (2019-2020 & 2020-2021).  The award is presented to individuals or businesses who have demonstrated consistent leadership and determination to improve their local area or the town generally.

2023 Programme and Project Partners

2022 RAF Engineering

2021 Pet Encounter Cumbria

2020 James Cowan, CF Events 

Mayor Making low res-5073.jpg

The Mayor with Consort Sam Schofield and Mayoress Cllr Kate Schofield. 

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